Writing – What if I’m not good enough?

As a child, I was always writing stories. In school, I excelled at writing essays and book reviews. I used to co-write my friends’ essays when they asked, simply because I loved doing it. And I was good at it.

As an adult, I want nothing more in life than to be an author. And the reason that I have never finished writing a book, is because I’m afraid I’m not good enough. 

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Becoming an author is my biggest dream – what if it’s just not for me?

Over the past years, I could never get past the first few chapters of a book. After I had written a few pages, I’d go back and reread them, and came to the conclusion that I hated what I had written. So I stopped, took a break from writing, started writing a new book, rinse and repeat.

I have competed in every NaNoWriMo since 2013, but never once won the challenge of writing 50.000 words in one month. What would happen if I finally finished a book, and got rejected by every single publisher I sent my draft to? What would I do if the dream I have been working towards my entire life was shattered?

On January 1st, 2018 I decided to no longer let the fear of not being good enough stop me from trying.

Call it a New Year’s Resolution if you will. It’s one I’ll be sticking to.

I opened up a draft that I have been working on since I was sixteen years old (that’s almost ten years!), and started writing. I don’t reread, I don’t edit, I don’t backtrack. I just write. And now, almost a month later, I have over 30.000 words.

I don’t know what I’ll do once I finish it. Perhaps I’ll love it, and take my time editing before trying my luck with an editor. Perhaps I won’t send it to anyone, and it will go unread by everyone but me.

But at least I’ll have finished it. And that’s the most important thing to me right now.

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Are you writing anything right now? Have you published a book, or are hoping to publish one in the future? What’s holding you back, if anything?


4 thoughts on “Writing – What if I’m not good enough?

  1. Great post! I was exactly like this last year… my resolution was to finish the book I’d been working on my whole life. My resolution for this year is to send out a bunch of queries and start thickening my thin skin. I haven’t gotten any responses back yet, but it is seriously nerve wracking to know somewhere in the world someone may be reading my query. Good luck on your project; I hope you finish it!

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