Reading challenge – Series Crackdown Readathon

I absolutely love Readathons, but somehow always forget about them until it’s too late. Plus, finding time to actually participate is not always easy with my job. But since I have approximately 1 billion series that I want to start and finish, I am determined to get in on this Series Crackdown.

series crackdown

Series Crackdown is hosted by Mel at The Book Moo. If you’d like to sign up and do this with me, go ahead and sign up!

What is the Series Crackdown Readathon?

The aim of Series Crackdown is simple: ten days of reading as many books as you can in the series that you’ve been putting off. Yes, you know the ones. Time to dust them off and start reading. No more excuses.

Ten whole days of reading. Start a new series or finally continue the one you started all those months ago. Doesn’t matter – just read!

(Yes, this is a motivation speech to myself. Trust me, I’m the one who needs it the most.)

Let’s get this over with. When do we do this reading thing?

That’s the spirit!

Series Crackdown 3.0 starts on February 9th, and ends on February 18th. There will be reading sprints at 8 pm GMT, as well as an Instragram challenge. I don’t have a bookstagram, so I won’t be participating in that. Fortunately I am in the GMT timezone so I will be participating in the reading sprints! Head over to my Twitter to watch me squirm in real time.

What I’ll be reading during this Readathon

Now for the fun part. I am finally going to start the Selection series. Could it be true? Yes! I have brand spanking new copies of both The Selection and The Elite, so if all goes well, I’ll have both of those finished by the end of the Readathon.

Rather than finishing The Selection series (which, let’s face it, I’d never be able to do anyway), I am going to start the A Court of Thorns and Roses series. They have been on my list since before they even came out, so now is about time. On a side note, how does Sarah J. Maas manage to write this many books? I can’t even finish one (sad laugh).

And just in case I don’t like either of the series above, I have gotten myself DNF-insurance and have Queen of Shadows (also by Sarah J. Maas – see what I mean?!) lined up.

Let’s chat

Will you be participating in the Series Crackdown? You should! What books are you planning on reading?

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