How I plan my blog posts

how i plan.png

I like to stay organised. I’m not great at it, but I like the idea of being an organised person.

I try to plan most of my blog posts ahead, so I have time to properly lay out the post, take photographs and proof read. Aside from blogging, I also like to keep the rest of my life more or less organised. I’m actually a terrible planner, always making last-minute decisions, so it would probably be more accurate to say I like to keep track of things that have already happened. A bit like a scrapbook. Without pictures.


I plan my life in a Filofax Original in the colour aqua. It’s not cheap, so I had to save up for it, but I love this thing. It’s real leather, so will last me a long time.

filofax inside

This is what the inside looks like. I have a dashboard on the front where I keep a few functional stickers. I don’t decorate my planner pages much, but some stickers are necessary. And just a few coloured pens. These pastel coloured Stabilo pens are my absolute favourite.

filofax week

This is what a typical week for me looks like. In the bottom right, I set some goals for the week. I’ll write down later whether or not I met these goals.

I use the round star stickers to plan my blog posts. I will usually write all three posts for the week on the weekend. The coloured page flags are used to keep track of the amount of words I write every day. As you can see, this week was not a particularly good writing week for me.

I also keep track of when I go to the gym, and what I did at the gym. If I’m not reaching the goals I want to reach, I can see why that is and what I need to change.

filofax gym.png

I have separate pages to write down exactly which exercises I did or machines I used, and how many reps / how much weight I did. This way I can see if I’m actually improving every week.

filofax publication

Whenever I receive a book for review, I write down the publication date so I know that I have to include that book in my monthly TBR!

let's chat

Do you plan your blog posts? Or just write them as you go along?

How do you plan? Any tips you want to share?


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