Book tag – This or that

book tag this or that

What does a book blogger do when they have no reviews to post? Do a tag! I saw this one on Danielle‘s blog, so definitely go and check out her answers too!

Audiobook or text book?

Text for sure! I’ve tried many times before but I just can’t stay focused enough for audiobooks. I end up not listening to half of it and having to start over.

Paperback or hard back?

Oh the age old question! I’ll refer to my discussion post on this topic!

Fiction or non-fiction?

Fiction, no contest! We have a lot of non-fiction books laying around the house because my boyfriend likes to read them, so I’ll pick one up from time to time, but I will never stop reading fiction.

Bookshop or online?

I also have a discussion post about this one! In short, I try to buy most of my books in physical book shops, but sometimes an online deal is just too good to pass up.

Standalone or trilogy?

I always like a good trilogy, but if I had to choose I would pick standalones. I like a well wrapped-up story. Something that has a start and an end in the same book, no cliffhangers, no waiting for the next book to come out, no second book slump.

Heavy & long or short & sweet?

Oh crap. Can I pick something in between? I like heavy (emotionally) books that aren’t too long. I like books that make you feel something, but I don’t want to spend weeks reading it.

Reading somewhere cozy or in the sun?

Usually I would pick somewhere cozy, but we just had the first warm weekend here in the UK, and I spent the entire day reading on the beach, and I would give my left arm right now to go back. Thankfully I live five minutes from the beach so as soon as the weather picks up again, that’s where I’ll be!

Hot chocolate or coffee?

Considering that I can’t start my day without coffee (I know, how cliché!), I have to pick coffee.

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What would you choose? Any other questions I should answer?

Want to do this tag? Let me know and I’ll tag you!

I have yet to finish a book in April (ooops) so I’ll be doing tags for the foreseeable future. Got any good ones?

6 thoughts on “Book tag – This or that

  1. I was never an audiobook person I couldn’t focus, but after finding an intriguing one I am now. I find it easier to focus on listening while I’m doing mindless tasks like laundry, dishes, cleaning, and I get to read at the same time!

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      1. I loved The Call by Peadar O Guilin, I couldn’t stop listening! I’ve heard The Diviners is a great audiobook since it’s full cast, but I haven’t personally listened to it yet.


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