Fairyloot unboxing – May

May has been the most hectic month at work for me since ever. I’ve had to travel a lot (and not to fun places), and I’ve barely had any time to spend at home, or to spend blogging. I still have a few awful weeks ahead, but hopefully after that everything will quiet down.

Coming home to find the May Fairyloot on my doorstep has been the highlight of my month.

FL lip scrub.png

The first thing I see is an exclusive remnant vegan lip scrub by Geeky Clean. There are three different possible scrubs to get – Morrighan, Venda or Dalbreck. As you can see, I got Morrighan, which smells incredible.

FL bathbomb closedFL bathbomb open

The next item is an exclusive Norgard vegan bath bomb designed by Little Hearts Gifts. I love bath bombs, so I was very excited about finding this in my box. This particular bath bomb was inspired by the book of the month – scroll down to find out what that was!

FL coaster.png

Next is an exclusive weapon coaster designed by Evie Bookish. The coaster reads ‘You Are Your Own Best Weapon’ and was inspired by The Winner’s series by Marie Rutkoski. I have only read the first book in this series, so having this coaster on my coffee table will definitely inspire me to continue reading. This is also the first and only coaster I own (adulting, what’s that?)

FL page flags.png

The next item I am absolutely in love with. For fans of the Throne of Glass series, these exclusive Wyrd mark page flags designed by Fictiontea Designs are perfect for marking your favourite quotes while reading. I will definitely be using these page flags while reading!

FL tea.png

While not a massive fan of breakfast tea, I was still so excited to see this Save the Kingdom tea in my box, by The Tea Leaf Co. I think this will finally convince me to start drinking breakfast tea like a real English girl. The packaging is adorable (it’s time to save the kingdom!) Very motivating to get out of bed and start the day, but almost too pretty to damage.

FL cards.png

As usual the box also contained some cards bookmarks. There was also a signed book plate that is not pictured here.

FL print.png

As usual, there is a print relating to the book of the month. On the back is the usual note by the author.

FL sleeve.png

I like to finish with my favourite item, and this exclusive book sleeve designed by Reverie & Ink was without a doubt my favourite this month. I am traveling next week, and I was just saying to myself I needed something to prevent my books from damaging. This book sleeve isn’t just gorgeous (look at it!) but also very practical. It’s made from very thick, cushioned material which will surely (hopefully!) prevent my books from dog earing while on the go.

FL book

And finally, the book of the month is Onyx & Ivory by Mindee Arnett. This book is all about fantasy, magic, drakes, romance and action (what’s not to love?) I have to say I’ve not heard a lot of buzz about this book, but I’m intrigued to read it, especially because of the stunning cover.

FL book side.png

The FairyLoot exclusive edition has black sprayed pages which really takes this book to the next level aesthetically.

That’s it! That was my FairyLoot box for May. Next month’s theme is Rebels in Ballgowns which sounds like the best possible theme they could have picked. I can’t wait to open that box!

Head over to fairyloot.com if you want to see what the next box is all about!

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